Mel and Cynthia

We’ve joined forces and pooled our resources to pursue our love of comedy and empowering women. Learn about our mission here and support our work here.

Mel Michele

Cohost, Funny “Ladies” Power Hour

Hometown: Geneva, NY
Day job: I inspire others towards independence, teacher and life long learner
Guilty pleasures: Social media, anything vintage, art, sushi, coffee, and dark chocolate
Fun fact: I host a Tuesday Zoom mic at 7:00 pm Pacific
Favorite quote: “Bloom where you are planted”

Cynthia Annette

Cohost, Funny “Ladies” Power Hour

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Day job: Diversity, belonging, and inclusion in tech
Guilty pleasures: Binging Netflix, chocolate sorbet, popcorn
Fun fact: I eat the same meals almost every day
Favorite quote: “A winner is just a loser who tried one more time”

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