Past Performers

Looking to include some Funny “Ladies” in your lineup? Check out bios of our past showcase performers!

April 1, 2021

Edi Gibson

Edi Gibson is a stand up comic originally from Sacramento, CA. She has been seen on MTV, Fox, and Nickelodeon. Edi is also the host of the hit podcast “True Scary Stories With Edi” which has been downloaded over a million times! 

Jessica Grant

Jessica Grant, a native of Humboldt County, has graced the stage as both comic and host.  She tempers her friendly demeanor with a hard cross. Librarian by day, comic by night. Jessica has opened for acts like Kyle Kinane, Billy Wayne Davis and Dave Ross. 

Rachel Dunbar

Rachel Dunbar is a Boston-based comedian who has performed all over the country. She has performed at Boston University.  She has been featured in the Midwest Queer Comedy Festival, the District Queer Comedy Festival, the New York Comedy Underground Festival, and the 2020 Boston Comedy Festival in which she was a semi-finalist.

March 31, 2021

Autumn Bruewer

Autumn Bruewer is a comedian from Cincinnati OH who moved to LA and was immediately corrupted by the hippy/communist crowd. She’s an improviser turned standup so you know she’s depressed!

Emma Paxton

Emma Paxton is a stand up comedian living in Rochester Ny, originally from New Jersey. She has a unique meta style and a penchant for puns, social commentary and sarcasm. She has performed at clubs in NYC such as StandUpNY and all over the tristate area. You can find her on many zoom shows as well.

Keri Costa

Keri Costa is Jersey City based comic who has performed throughout NYC, the tri-state area and abroad at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She is currently in pre-production for a new web series ‘Life of Burger’ which will drop in Spring on YouTube and Instagram alongside her other comedy videos at Costa Sauce Comedy.

Stephanie Knowles 

Stephanie Knowles is definitely not your everyday comedian. With her off the wall songs and fun energy, you’re gonna wish you had a bigger mug! With over 5 years in doing comedy, drag and burlesque she’ll have you tapping your toes n’ laughing your booty off!

March 3, 2021

Lauren Cocroft

Lauren Cocroft cut her own bangs and didn’t regret it. She’s a stand up comic and character performer that started after doing competitive speech and debate in college. Based in LA, she is the cohost of the comedy speech podcast “Van Talk” and was the 2017 Top Speaker in California. She has now dedicated her time to tweeting her every thought. Twitter: @laurencocroft, IG: @you.go.glen.loco

Algiers Diamond

Algiers has graced the stages of such comedy houses such as:  the DC IMPROV, The Funny Bone, The DC Drafthouse, Chuckles, The Baltimore Comedy Factory and so many more. She’s spontaneous,  funny and alway gives the audience the best of herself. She’s featured and opened for some of the greats and her comedic style is exciting, vibrant and thoughtful.

Janine Ryle

Janine Ryle started taking stand-up classes in January 2020 as a New Year’s resolution and performed exactly once in front of a live audience before COVID struck. These days, when she’s not setting Zoom on fire with her sarcastic stories, she’s sitting in her pajamas watching the View and trying to figure out how long it’s been since she last showered.

Dani Riedel

Dani Riedel is a comedian and published author from Philadelphia. Her novel Smile and Walk Away is available from Champagne Book Group everywhere books are sold online. She can often be seen performing with Rampantly, Comedy Therapy NJ/Broadway Comedy Club, and sometimes on a Philadelphia sidewalk. Dani is the wife of a Vulcan and the mother of a clowder of four.

February 24, 2021

Abby Schacher

Hailing from Los Angeles, Abby is an artist on all fronts. As an improviser, she toured with the Second City National Tour Co and studied and performed with the greats. As a solo performer, she stormed the Chicago theatre scene and performed her shows nationally and internationally. In 2018, Abby stepped out of the alternative comedy scene and dove into stand-up. She’s performed at the Plano (virtual) Comedy Festival, The Floodwater Comedy Festival, clubs, bars, zooms and parks. When not performing, she writes and illustrates children’s books and yes, every so often endures a craft binGe. To creation! IG @your_friend_abby

Cathy Zhao

Cathy Zhao is a stand-up comedian and a sit-down entrepreneur based in Palo Alto, California. Growing up in China, her English pronunciations and improper word usage have brought laughters and embarrassments to many people (herself included). Her unique ridiculous perspective of American culture, and her brutal honesty about Asian immigrants’ lives, also earned her the title of “insult comic.” She performed around the bay area comedy venues at night before the quarantine and now practices comedy therapy for her friends to improve their mental health for free. She won third place in the 18th Rooster T Feathers Comedy festival preliminary round (no other rounds because of Covid19). She’s now working on more clean jokes and humor workshops for children from economically disadvantaged families.

Chu Bu

Chu is a writer, comedian and content creator who hosts the weekly radio show, Undercover Creatives. She also is the writer and producer of the animated web series, CHU-izms.

February 17, 2021

Melissa McGillicuddy

Melissa McGillicuddy is a stand-up comedian based in Sacramento, California. As a newcomer to the scene in 2015, she won the Wildcard Competition at the Sacramento Comedy Festival. Since then, Melissa has opened for talented comedians such as Cameron Esposito, Rhea Butcher, and Vicki Barbolak. Melissa also co-produces the Moving Van Show, a monthly, secret pop-up comedy show, as well as Sacramento FemmeFest, the city’s first all-female comedy festival. In 2019, she was voted best comedian by the Sacramento News & Review.

Jackie Keliiaa

Jackie Keliiaa is a stand-up comedian, writer and producer. She was featured on Illuminative’s 25 Native American Comedians to Follow In 2020, was voted Comic of the Week on The Jackie And Laurie Show, and took over Tig Notaro’s Twitter — and that’s just during the pandemic! Jackie has opened for Judah Friedlander, Nikki Glaser and was featured on First Nations Comedy Experience on Amazon Prime Video. In the before times, Jackie was a regular at Bay Area venues and has performed at San Francisco SketchFest, SF Punchline, Comedy Oakland and Tommy T’s. Jackie lives in Oakland, California.

Danna Kiel

Danna Kiel is a comedian, actress, writer, and mother who is a renaissance woman having taught everything from math to chess. Danna grew up a nerd and was always the kid who talked too much.  You can see this comic at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA, zoom shows everywhere and live shows real soon. She is the co- host of Flappers Comedy Club The Weekly Flapp! She was Selected for the 2020 Laugh Riot Girrrland New York Underground Comedy Festivals.

Abby November

Abby November has mucho years experience as a stand-up comedy she is a recovering nutritionist from the great state of Texas now retired in the great state of California how greatest accomplish besides being Bobby is being called the Jewish mother up Austin comedy and the world most inappropriate grandmother.

February 3, 2021

Emily Paige

Emily Paige is a Jersey-based comedian who has studied with the American Comedy Institute based out of NYC. Emily’s relatable content focuses on navigating the world as a single mom and all the insanity that comes with it. She has studied sketch writing with UCB and performs on a virtual improv-based show called Wingin’ It. IG- @emilypaigecomedy, Twitter- @empaigecomedy, Venmo: @emilypaigemac

Ritu Tirhani

Originally from India, Ritu Tirthani is a Nashville based comedian. Her accomplishments include one failed marriage with a goal of failing at a few more.

Gail Jones

Gail Jones is a recovering Southern Belle from a little bump in the road town called Hartselle, Alabama.  In the late 70’s Gail started doing lectures on sex education.  She was surprised to find that she had a knack for making people laugh and putting her audience at ease with difficult subject matter.  It didn’t take her long to develop a stand-up routine combining her humor from the lecture circuit with the growing pains she endured as a small town good-girl. She combines the insight and humor that she gets from her  former job as a sex therapist with the laughs and pain of being an older single person in the dating world.  Frankly, she’s a relationship therapist that has decided that relationships are too darn hard.

Valarie Vernale

Valerie Vernale is a raging, ranting and raving ball-of-emotions stand up comic. Born, raised and based in the Bay Area she cut her teeth in the lowliest of comedy spaces and even performed at a few fancy spots too (Punch Line SF and The Stand NYC). Valerie was mentioned in The San Francisco Chronicle as one of the “Six Comics to Catch,” she’s performed in SF Sketchfest and is always down to sing “Careless Whisper” at any dive bar. She was also the co-host of the podcast Color(ed) Comedy and currently hosts The Valerie Vernale Podcast.

January 27, 2021

Maria Diploudis

Maria Diploudis is difficult to explain. An enigma wrapped in a riddle, her essence is ethereal. Just when you think you figured her out, she sneaks in the peripheral. But don’t take my word for it, here are some reviews: “What just happened?” “I’m offended but I don’t know why.” “10/10. 10 means bad, right?”

Lydia Kraniotis

Lydia Kraniotis is currently on her Scenic Tour of Comedic Obscurity. She’s been “touring” for longer than she cares to admit, but the truth is she just wants to take that crucial 10, 15, 20, years to be sure it’s what she really wants. Peppered with dead-end jobs, random dance lessons and guilt about not completing crossword puzzles, it’s been a wild ride so far. She’s thrilled to be part of the online comedy world…mostly cuz it saves her a ton of money on gas. Lydia is physically, but not spiritually, based in Washington, DC. Facebook: Lydi Otis

Regina Givens

Regina Givens from Sacramento  bringing crazy sexy cool animated comedy to the stage.

Laura Hugg

Laura Hugg is a standup and sketch comic and story teller. She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory, an excellent host and emcee! In the before times she produced several stand up showcases and was a long time host of the Second City Training Center Open Mic, Currently she is honing her craft in zoom rooms all over the globe!

January 13, 2021

Erica Switzer

Erica Switzer is a Chicago comedian and public speaker formerly based in Shanghai, China. With her unique energy and raw, biting wit, she recently won the Flappers Comedy Club Soup-or-Bowl.  She was a featured performer at the 2020 NY Underground Comedy Festival. She has featured for veteran comedians Simeon Goodson, Mateen Stewart, and Justin Rivera . She completed her first 30-minute headliner April 2020. Along with founding Hei Now Comedy, China’s premier Black comedy crew, Erica became the first Black comedian to perform in Mongolia at the inaugural Silk Road International Comedy Festival July 2019.IG:

Lalita Dee

Lalita Dee is a graduate of the Lady Laughs Comedy school in Madison, WI. Her observational and narrative humor describes her queer experiences as she navigates her way through the US, the heteropatriarchy, and single motherhood. She regularly hosts the Extra AF Comedy hour and is a co-producer of the WeHeartMomJokes podcast.

Jeanette Marin

Jeanette Marin is a stay-at-home-mom by day and a stand-up comedian by night. She gravitates towards jobs with long titles and very little pay. When she is not wiping noses at home, she delights audiences by saying what mothers are never supposed to admit in public!  Willing to travel long distances for an excuse to leave the house, she has performed up and down the west coast from Seattle to San Diego.  She has also performed at every major Bay Area comedy club as well as every bar, coffee shop, pizza joint and backyard that will have her across the country. 2019 highlights: being selected for The International San Francisco Comedy Competition and as a featured comedian at the Cinequest Film Festival.  2020 highlights: hiding from her children and the invention of alcohol delivery services.

Kathy Klotz–Guest

Kathy Klotz–Guest is a comedian, storyteller, speaker and author. The founder of Keeping it Human℠, she teaches businesses, teams, and professionals how to use humor and improv to enhance their business performance and personal lives. A bay area native and mom, Kathy has performed stand-up all over the country (now on Zoom) including at The Improv, Funny Bone and Flapper’s. She teaches improv virtually, is working on her third book, and loves doing storytelling slams whenever she can.  Twitter / LinkedIn: @Kathyklotzguest, FB:, IG: @klotzguest

January 6, 2021

Nicole Blue

Nicole Blue is an up and coming comedian and her “in yo face,” fast talking, edgy, witty southern style has been captivating audiences from the “Bay” (Bay Area, CA) to the “A” (Atlanta)! Nicole is a mother of two, and a member of Zeta PHi Beta Sorority, Inc. who believes she has never met a stranger.

Suzette Veneti

Suzette Veneti is your everyday ordinary Drag Princess. As tall as the average American woman, Suzette tries to find the humor in everything she sees from her point of view. Suzette enjoys drinking Cosmos and hosting her drag brunch with her friends, but her favorite time to have everyone watching her is when she’s doing stand-up. Usually hosting her own show, she’s thrilled to be asked to perform anywhere at anytime. She’s had the pleasure of opening for Vicki Barbolak and sharing the stage with other really awesome performers. In short: Roman nose, high-lows, stilettos and pedicured toes= Suzette Veneti. FB-@misssuzetteveneti/ | IG-misssuzettevenetiyoutube-

Jana Kelly 

Jana has been performing clean standup around the Bay Area for 2 years. She started at the toughest open mic in the Bay-Tommy T’s. Didn’t know till later that’s a tough crowd. Jana’s been introduced by the legendary Tony Sparks himself and has fun joining zoom mics around the country from New York to Honolulu. She loves making people smile but aims for big tummy laugh!

Anna May

Anna May is a “professional” who turned to stand-up comedy as an alternative outlet for inappropriate things she says in her heavily regulated day job. All her comedy show earnings have been donated to charity, which isn’t much, and she is the winner of several comedy competitions that nobody but her mother cares about. She’s appeared in feature films and commercials and even swimsuit & lingerie catalogs before the internet. She believes in serial matrimony and is doing everything she can to prevent herself from becoming a crazy cat lady, so she rescued two pitbulls named Piglet & Rufus the Dufus.

December 30, 2020

Jade Theriault

Jade Theriault is a cyborg who combines provocative thought with moving furniture. Manufactured in the Bay Area, Jade Theriault conceived of J.A.D.E. in a sweaty high school piano closet, anticipating a ride home on a smaller yellow bus. This led to a 10-year exploration of comedy, visual art, music, and feelings. Jade was honored with Best Joke of the Night at the Westside Comedy Festival. She starred in Malic Almaya’s “RUN!” (2018) and was on an episode of MTV Decoded. Jade was featured in Troma’s “Divide & Conquer” (2020) as an understudy for Ron Jeremy who resigned due to scandal.

Katrina Davis

Katrina Davis is a fun-loving comic who jokes about everything from heartbreak and hurricane preparation, to fist-fighting for the fine arts. She is a part of WhoHaHa’s Comedy Call Out for Fall 2020 and was also named one of Time Out LA’s Comedians to Watch 2019. She has been seen on America’s Got Talent (2017) and performs at shows all over Los Angeles (and now the internet). You can see her featured on the Seed & Spark comedy special Everything Is Fine. IG: @katrinasivad  |


Paula is a Northern California comic who moonlights as a mom during the day. Paula describes her job as a  mom as a “parententiary.” Paula spends her time making people laugh at Savage Henry’s Comedy Club in Eureka, California.

Nicole Tran

Nicole Tran has performed at great venues in the Bay Area and LA Comedy clubs such as: Punchline, Cobbs, Comedy Store,The Icehouse.  She has been an honor guest at the “Kill Tony Show”  at the Comedy Store in Hollywood 5 times!!

December 23, 2020

Jen Perez

Jen Perez Jen is a Jersey-born comedian whose parents immigrated from Cuba in the 1960s. Jen is a former New York Jets Cheerleader. Inspired by her grandparents to never forget her native tongue she started comedy a year ago. Jen has performed at Tommy T’s Pleasanton, Cobbs San Francisco and locally throughout the Bay Area.

Katie Zane

Katie Zane hails from Washington DC suburb Woodbridge VA. Genderfluid and queer, their authenticity and dry sardonic punch lines light up the stage and zoom screens. They burst onto the Chicago comedy scene in 2017 and has been burning it up ever since performing for Flappers Comedy Club in LA, Annoyance Theater and many other Chicago stages. He has also performed in the Washington DC show Queer AF and Madison’s Exxtra AF. They were a featured host for Lady Laughs Comedy Fest 2020.

Desirre Walsh

Desiree Walsh Is a comedian with cerebral palsy.  A former competitive swimmer, she traded in early mornings swim workouts for the late nights of stand-up comedy.  She has been featured on breakfast television, The Reel Abilities Film Festival   Comedy Night and  the now defunct show Nighttime TV on Rogers cable Mississauga.  

Evelyn “Eerie” Diamond

Evelyn “Eerie” Diamond, her friends and fans call her Eerie, is a stand-up comedian and actor. She was a feature comedian for John DeResta.  She continues to bring her unique brand of stand-up comedy, through whimsical observations and edgy takes on life.  Eerie performs all over the country, regularly taking the stage in San Francisco and Sacramento including Cobb’s Comedy Club and The Punchline Comedy Club. Eerie also is an actor, she starred in “Swing Shift”, a horror film featured at Another Hole in The Head Film Festival”in San Francisco and “The Midwest Horror Shorts Festival” in Logansport, IN. She also has a leading role in Shorty Rossi’s Big Dog mini series on Amazon and Roku.

December 9, 2020

Coral Best

Coral Best is a comedian who got her start in the biz talking about her invisible disability on stage of having a colostomy bag, or what she likes to call a “gift bag from hell.” After recovering from her medical crisis she marched straight to a stage and has never looked back. She loves to joke about her crazy life stories, all true by the way, and her silly and entertaining circumstances. This comedian has little shame about baring it all – don’t miss a moment of her pizazz and liveliness!

Jacqui Pirl

After living in Hawaii for more than half her life, Jacqui Pirl moved to Sacramento and began her career as a stand-up comedian at the ripe young age of 50. Due to her inability to function in the early morning hours, she’s been known to pack her children’s lunches with panties and cans of malt liquor. Known as the Blonde Flamingo, Jacqui enjoys vacations on tropical islands, blues harmonica, and singing the wrong lyrics to popular love songs. And like Tyrion Lannister, she drinks, she knows stuff, and she secretly wishes she were taller.

Athena Rodriguez

Athena Rodriguez is from Eastside San Jose (the ghetto) she has performed comedy all over the Bay Area for 10 years. In 2019 she won a one night comedy competition and headlined on a Saturday night. Athena tells jokes about her upbringing, her family, and her derp life. She is always wonderful, amazing, and awkward. She has delighted crowds at San Jose Improv, Rooster T Feathers, Tommy T’s Ts, and recently O’Toole’s in Honolulu.

Cheri Hardman

When Cheri Hardman isn’t performing in the Seattle area, she can be found finagling senior citizen discounts. Her bawdy, sassy style keeps audiences laughing about her experiences as a plus size, menopausal babe. She is the 2019 winner of Tacoma Comedy Club’s ‘The Comedy Voice’ and The Spokane Valley Comedy Competition. She has performed in Seattle International Comedy Competition, Burbank Comedy Festival and The Las Vegas Burlesque Festival and worked with Ian Bagg, Steve-O and Stormy Daniels. FB: @cherihahahardman 

December 2, 2020

Nina G

Nina G is a comedian, professional speaker and author of Stutterer Interrupted. She has been featured in/on everything from NPR’s 51%, BBC’s Ouch, Psychology Today, Tedx, multiple day time talk shows, Howard (Stern) 100 News and even the Stuttering John Podcast.  Nina shares her wit and wisdom with corporations, colleges, libraries, conferences, and community events. | FB: @NinaGComedian


CYNTHIA IN PUBLIC is a San Jose-based comic and producer who weaves together tales of joy, introspection, racism, and sheer ridiculousness. She is the CEO/Overlord of Bangou Productions–an online ‘Comedy Central’ that centers BIPOC, women, differently abled, neurodiverse and LBGTQ+ people that are often marginalized in comedy. The company boasts the longest running online Bay Area comedy show- “Comedians & Commentary & Cynthia” (CCC) show. Born in Yaounde, Cameroon, IN PUBLIC has performed in Miami, D.C., Portland and in shows all over the Bay Area and in 50+ virtual shows across the United States.
IG/FB: @cynthiainpublic and IG/FB/ @bangproductions

Cindy Arena

Cindy’s experiences growing up with family in the porn business, being a mother of two dumb millennials, and as a self identified terrible lesbian positions her well for standup. She won Rochester’s Funniest Person competition, was a semifinalist in Buffalo Funniest person, and was nominated as 2019 best female comedian of the year at the Roc Awards. She’s opened for Dana Goldberg, Marcella Arguello, Robert Powell, and Tacarra Williams. Cindy can be seen doing shows throughout upstate New York and at her home Club Comedy at the Carlson.
FB: @cindyarenacomedy

Pat Griffin

Pat Griffin is known as “The Toast of the Tenderloin.” Based in the Bay Area, she’s performed at venues such as the Punch Line and the Throckmorton.  She’s also performed shows in Denver, Washington, and Paris.