A Labor of Love & Laughter

We support women in comedy and we don’t do it alone! Special thanks to those who help keep the show running by contributing to our fundraising campaign. This support helps us book comedians, offset operating expenses, and provide an opportunity for folks to connect and laugh while staying safe at home.

February, 2021 Supporters

Deneen M.

January, 2021 Supporters

Barbara C.
Deneen M.

December, 2020 Supporters

Albrey B.
Nina G. 
Rachel G.
Emily J.
Jennifer J.
Deneen M. (x3!)
Kelly M.
Spencer O.
Tiffany P.
Amy P.
Ernie S.
Anjie R. 
Alan W.

November, 2020 Supporters

Emily J.
Melodie M.
Mark S.