1. Click “Grab a Ticket” for the the show you want and provide your info
  2. Check for an email from Mel Michele with the subject, “Funny ‘Ladies’ Power Hour Ticket” and add the info to your calendar for easy access
  3. On the night of the show at 7:50 pm Pacific, locate your registration ticket and click “Click Here to Join”
  4. Turn on your camera, unmute your mic, and get ready for some fun!
Sample Registration Ticket

Watch the show!

Virtual shows are Wednesdays at 8:00 pm Pacific Time.

We don’t want cost interfere with fun, so we offer tickets at no cost. Join us to connect, laugh, and have a good time, all while staying safe at home. Please arrive a bit early so we can get folks in the “room” and start the show on time.

Our open mic has been cancelled, but we’ll see you next week for our showcase!

April 21 Showcase
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Lineup: Wendy Wilkins, Trish Sulllivan, Vickie Plummer, Regina Givens