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April 14 Open Mic

April 21 Showcase

Wendy Wilkins 

Back on the circuit with her sassy, average gal/been around the block style, comedian Wendy Wilkins has been doing stand-up for over 28 years. Hailing from upstate New York with a home base in Los Angeles, Wendy is a favorite with audiences as well as twenty-eight year old Tinder boys. It’s what happens when you give up comedy after falling in love and having it ruin your act. Now that she’s divorced, she’s back – in all ways.Beyond stand-up, Wendy is an award-winning filmmaker, screenplay and television writer. She also acts, when asked and currently a senior staff writer/director for the satirical futuristic news website – www.Omnarchy.com. Wendy is self-repped and you can get a hold of her at @wendyjean on Instagram.

Trish Sulllivan 

Trish Sullivan is a Chicago comedian, storyteller and improviser who’s been described as having “big Mom energy” and “not as angry as she seems.” She’s actually angrier. She has performed in clubs in Chicago and Omaha, and during the pandemic, all over Zoom. She is the producer of Is It Hot in Here?, a monthly Zoom comedy showcase, the host of a women’s open mic, and performs wherever and whenever she can. 

Vickie Plummer

Vickie Plummer has always been a late bloomer in life. From not getting her driver’s license until she was 21 years old to not hitting her growth spurt until after high school. Why wouldn’t her standup comedy career be any different? She did stand-up from 2000 until 2007 in NYC. But decided to take a short break that became a 12-year hiatus. Coming back in January 2019 meant starting all over. But Vickie is a fighter and battled her way back from cancer and other life- threatening medical issues. She uses humor to poke fun at the weird things that have shaped her life, this was one more challenge accepted! 2019: Semi-Finalist in the Empire State Stand Up Showdown; Second-Round Finisher in National Jeanne Robertson Humor Competition 2020: Burbank Comedy Festival (Best of Fest); Plano Comedy Fest; Palm Springs Intl Comedy Fest; New South Comedy Fest.

Regina Givens 

Regina Givens from Sacramento  bringing crazy sexy cool animated comedy to the stage.