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Feb 24 Showcase

Jennifer Justice
Jennifer Justice is an artist and disability rights activist living in Ukiah, CA. Her work has been exhibited in exhibitions in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and the Southeast. She spends her spare time as the butler to two cats, hiking the redwoods, and researching Helen Keller jokes. Unlike our 45th ex-President, she has not been banned from Twitter, where you can find her @JJOverthinksit or on IG @ann_e_justice.

Cathy Zhao
Cathy Zhao is a stand-up comedian and a sit-down entrepreneur based in Palo Alto, California. Growing up in China, her English pronunciations and improper word usage have brought laughters and embarrassments to many people (herself included). Her unique ridiculous perspective of American culture, and her brutal honesty about Asian immigrants’ lives, also earned her the title of “insult comic.” She performed around the bay area comedy venues at night before the quarantine and now practices comedy therapy for her friends to improve their mental health for free. She won third place in the 18th Rooster T Feathers Comedy festival preliminary round (no other rounds because of Covid19). She’s now working on more clean jokes and humor workshops for children from economically disadvantaged families.

Abby Schachner
Hailing from Los Angeles, Abby is an artist on all fronts. As an improviser, she toured with the Second City National Tour Co and studied and performed with the greats. As a solo performer, she stormed the Chicago theatre scene and performed her shows nationally and internationally. In 2018, Abby stepped out of the alternative comedy scene and dove into stand-up. She’s performed at the Plano (virtual) Comedy Festival, The Floodwater Comedy Festival, clubs, bars, zooms and parks. When not performing, she writes and illustrates children’s books and yes, every so often endures a craft binGe. To creation! IG @your_friend_abby

Chu Bu
Chu is a writer, comedian and content creator who hosts the weekly radio show, Undercover Creatives. She also is the writer and producer of the animated web series, CHU-izms.